Our History

Founded as a backyard nonprofit organization in 1997, by Betsy Robinson and joined by animal enthusiastic, Kathie Robnett the two committed to climb into the trenches to birth Fuzzy Friends Rescue. It was officially established as a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to the long-term care for abandoned, unwanted or otherwise in-need animals. Animals stay at Fuzzy Friends Rescue until they leave in the arms of a new owner, however long that takes. It is a No-Kill shelter.

Kathie Robnett & Meg

Kathie Robnett & Meg

The operation suffered a setback in the spring of 1999 by a highly publicized court proceeding. The animals were confiscated from one of her partner’s home because a passer-by thought they were being mistreated. The Robinson’s rushed to defend the operation, and a judge returned the animals to the man’s home, but as far as Betsy was concerned that was the end of Fuzzy Friends Rescue.

Clifton Robinson, however, had other ideas. In spite of the adversity that had unfolded which caused enormous problems over the preceding months Clifton said, “from these ashes is going to rise a new Fuzzy Friends Rescue”. At that very moment a “setback” began to evolve into a “comeback”.

From those ashes in April of 1999 Clifton purchased and graciously donated a 10,000 square foot building sitting on 8.5 acres of land near Lake Waco. Ed Robnett, Kathie’s husband, built and donated the main adoption kennel, which has 38 dog runs. Outdoor exercise areas were also constructed, giving the larger dogs an opportunity to run and play with other dogs.

Inside work was underway for the “Kitty Corral”, a concept in which the cats roam in an “open cage” environment. It is a proven fact that when there is a cold and generic environment, it is unfriendly to both animals and people. When good and friendly conditions aren’t provided, then the animals die in the shelter because people find them dreadfully depressing places to come and animals get sick. Each year Fuzzy Friends Rescue rescues approximately 1,000 dogs and cats, placing them in new loving homes.

Fuzzy Friends meets the many needs of its animals. The facility contains a fully equipped exam room, where the animals receive vaccinations, diagnostic testing and medication from a staff that truly cares about their little residents.

The future that lies ahead is a most challenging one but not unattainable. With your help we can overcome the challenges. Please read the 2020 Vision for Fuzzy Friends Rescue and help us as a volunteer and an investor with your financial resources. No gift is too small!

By working together with a community spirit, we can turn the animals’ misfortunes into blessings and give them a second chance to find a permanent and loving home.

From the ashes has arisen a legacy to care for current animals and for those yet to be born. Please help carry this legacy on into the future.

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