Permanent Residents

No Place Like Home

These are our “resident” pets. They are living at Fuzzy Friends Rescue full time, but looking for foster families to take them in for their final years. These animals have issues such as marking or social anxiety and no one seems to want to work with them.  So if you think you can help out these sweet animals, Please contact us at


The office Dog: Nike is like our mascot. He sleeps outside in one of our side yards at night and stays inside the office all day. He greets our patrons as they walk in the door and he also used to go to school! That’s right, Nike had a job. He went to school and let the children read to him to help them become more comfortable. This is called the R.E.A.D. program. Sadly, Nike’s hips aren’t what they used to be and because of his difficulty in getting into and out of cars, he now has to wait for people to come visit him to get his socializing done. Nike did request we add that if you want to take him out to Sonic for a hamburger, his hips will miraculously be fine for getting into your car!


Filmore – Newest Permanent Resident

Filmore came to us in the summer of 2012 with his littermates. The other kittens became quite friendly with people, but Filmore is still in the process of learning how to not run away from being touched. He loves hanging out in the back cat room with his buddies, and has grown particularly fond of Kitty Cat, one of our delightful seniors. We encourage patient volunteers to come spend some time working with Filmore, in hopes that maybe he won’t be permanent, after all! Many shelters might turn a kitty like Filmore out as a barn cat, but at Fuzzy Friends we understand that a kitty who has grown up inside does not have the survival skills to be let loose on his own, and we are committed to working with him in hopes that he does get more social and steal someone’s heart.

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