Rescue Story of the Month – October

Fuzzy Friends Rescue Story of the Month – October 2011


Romeo, what happened to you?

This dachshund came to us in July from another shelter. He was running out of time as they were running out of space. Just as it seemed like he wasn’t going to make it out of the shelter alive, Fuzzy Friends Rescue saved his life. FFR pulled him off of the shelter’s euthanasia list and brought this sweet boy into its comforting facility.

Not long after his arrival to Fuzzy Friends it was discovered that Romeo had a very severe case of heartworms. His condition was life threating and needed to be treated as soon as possible. Treating heartworms is a dangerous and time consuming process. It takes up to 30 day of cage restriction for the animal to recover and not all animals survive the treatment process.

Romeo sat in a small cage in the quarantine area of Fuzzy Friends awaiting his mandatory 10 days until he could be seen by the public. After the ten days, most dogs go to the main floors where they can be seen by the public, but this was not the case with Romeo. He had to wait another month for his heartworm treatment restriction to be lifted. Sad and lonely, Romeo sat and waited for his time to shine.

Finally in September he was allowed to strut his stuff for potential adopters. It wasn’t long until he caught someone’s eye. Romeo is now living the luxurious life with a wonderful family. Every dog deserves to have a chance with a family.

Heartworms are deadly. When an infected mosquito bites a dog it injects a microfilaria into the dog’s blood stream. The larva then travels to the heart were it lodges itself and grows until it is able to reproduce. The adult heartworm then releases more microfilaria into the blood, starting the process all over again. This can cause a strain on the heart, just like a blood clot in a human.

Treating heartworms is very expensive. It can cost up to a thousand dollars to treat an infected dog. Not to mention at this time the medication used to treat heartworms is nearly impossible for many veterinarians to get a hold of. All the pain caused from heartworms and trouble from trying to treat them can be avoided with a simple once a month pill that can be purchased from any vet.

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