Urgent Needs

Help our dogs from the Waco Shelter.

Waco, TX has committed to the path of becoming a no-kill city. As the oldest no-kill rescue in town, Fuzzy Friends Rescue is instrumental in helping the city reach that goal. Every animal we pull from the city shelter potentially saves TWO lives – that animal, and the one that space opens up for.

Fuzzy Friends is committed to doing what we can to help these animals, who are some of the neediest in our community, but we can’t do it alone. When we take in a stray animal from the public, we get a surrender fee which helps in part to provide the basic vettiing necessary to get that pet ready for adoption. The animals we rescue from the city shelter obviously do not come with a surrender fee, and rely solely on your donations to reach the point where they can be adopted. We are only able to pull animals from the shelter with the help of our Pet Intake Sponsors – a donation of just $45 will help us save another life!

Heartworm Heartbreak


Ne-Ne sleeping

Ne-Ne Before Treatment


Ne-Ne Recovering from Heartworm Treatment

Ne-Ne, Recovering

A past winter, we were contacted by a Good Samaritan who needed our help. Her neighbors had been breeding chihuahuas in their backyard, but moved away leaving 12 dogs behind. She was able to take in one, and one puppy passed away suddenly, but 10 little angels were still in dire need. A Fuzzy Friends volunteer helped to arrange foster homes for all 10 dogs, and miraculously they were all heartworm negative – except for Ne-Ne. To make matters worse, when it came time for Ne-Ne’s heartworm treatment, it was discovered that her liver values were too elevated to go through the difficult injection series. The waiting game began, trying to get her healthy enough for the treatment she needed to save her life. Finally, after almost 5 months, Ne-Ne was able to begin her injections and it was at least two more months of treatment and cage rest before she was cleared for adoption. So much expense and uncertainty, which could have all been prevented with $5 a month of heartworm prevention.



Buster was surrendered to the city shelter because he needed a home without kids. Unfortunately, his previous owners had not been able to take care of vetting him. When he came to Fuzzy Friends, we took care of all that but discovered he was also heartworm positive. Buster received treatment and has since been adopted!




Miss Darla is a cuddly lap dog! Unfortunately, her last family was apparently not able to care for her. She was found running the streets as a stray, and surrendered to Fuzzy Friends. She and Buster came to us within days of each other, and it was a sad coincidence that both of these beautiful Cocker Spaniels turned out to be heartworm positive.  Darla went through heartworm treatment has been placed for adoption.

Even uncomplicated heartworm treatment runs hundreds of dollars per dog. Your donations allow us to continue to help the dogs who come to us with heartworms, giving them the chance to heal and live a happy life. To give online, please click here.

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