Chance. Fate. Luck.

Chance. Fate. Luck.

Sometimes it seems like fortune smiles greatly on certain dogs from the time they are born, yet for others, life is a set of hardships. We don’t know this little guy’s story before yesterday, when he ended up at the Wacoshelter in horrible condition. He was beyond their capacity to help, so the staff put out a Hail Mary plea…


This darling little boy is believed to be a 1 year old Miniature Poodle. He was diagnosed with a severe case of sarcoptic mange, the contagious kind. It took a flurry of calls to our vet, the vet who examined him, and the shelter staff, as well as planning for a place to isolate him while he was treated, but in the end, it all came down to faith – our rallying cry was “We can save him! Let’s take a Chance!”


This afternoon, little Chance joined Fuzzy Friends. He got his medicated bath and dip, and boy was he enjoying having his ears scratched! After a trip outside to dry off in the sun, he got to curl up with a big bowl of kibble and a soft blanket…it must have felt like Heaven!


Today was the first day of the rest of his life, the day his luck changed forever – but he still has a long way to go to be healthy. It is only through donations from our rescue army (you guys!) that we are able to provide the care that municipal shelters can’t. Chance is so grateful for his new beginning – can you help him get ready for his new life? Please donate towards his recovery at


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