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We love it when our adoptive parents stop and think of us. Updates are always appreciated and we never get tired of hearing about how well our animals are doing in their new homes. If you have adopted from us and would like to share the success of your pet please feel free to do so. We would love to hear from you. Contact us at with your stories and photographs.

March 2011

Dear FFR,

Thank you for saving Prince Poodle (AKA Brando when he was at FFR). Brenda Cagle Franklin told me she spotted him running in traffic on her way to work. She stopped and let him into her new car, even though he was all matted and dirty. Then he was with you guys for quite a while! We like to think that he was waiting for us to adopt him.

Prince is such a sweet little dog. He loves to play with his stuffed toys and snuggle on the sofa. He makes us laugh every day because he will do the silliest things. Whenever Prince is out with us, people always remark on how handsome and good-natured he is. I make sure to tell them that he is from Fuzzy Friends and encourage them to think about adopting their next pet 🙂 You guys do wonderful things.

Here is one of our family portraits! Prince is, of course, “our baby.”

Love from Jackie, Jason, and Prince Poodle.

Adopted July 2011

Loving dogs as I do, once my children grew up and moved out, it was time for me to have a dog. I rescued a chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel. Love love love her. So I decided she needed a buddy so I adopted another Cocker Spaniel. He fit right in. Of course I had to buy a house so I could have a backyard and doggie door, but I didn’t mind at all. It was all about the dogs. I did a lot of fostering, and even was on the board of the Cocker rescue. I always wanted another dog, not another Cocker, but finally a baby for mama’s lap. Petfinder sent me from North Dallas to Waco to pick up a sweet little abandoned Maltese. She was a mess, her hair long and dirty. But I fell in love with her instantly. Her name was Laci, I changed it to Lucy. Lucy has been with me now for about 5 months and I could not be happier. And quite frankly, neither could she. She is the best addition to my family all year. Please rescue or adopt, spay and neuter, and know that the love of a dog is unconditional.

-Tricia Mills

Adopted December 2011

We just wanted to let you know that Molly is settling into her new home. I think she was quite the spoiled dog at her previous home. She definitely knows her way around the kitchen and dining table. She also knows where all the comfy spots are in a house. Her first night she immediately bypassed her dog bed and insisted on sleeping in our bed, under the covers. We have had no problems between Molly and the other dogs, Ranger the lab and Roscoe the blue heeler. In fact Molly has had a positive effect on Roscoe. He is a little more calm and lovey, which is probably a combination of jealously and depression. Now that the weather is better, she is exploring the backyard and loving it. She has started joining Roscoe on his nightly bedtime run across the backyard to banish any and all dangerous elements. I think she is starting to feel like she belongs here. We are so fortunate to have Molly. She is exactly the kind of dog we needed and wanted — calm, gentle and loving. She follows me all around the house and at night she glues herself to my side when I sit down on the couch. Thank you for all the work and devotion you give to save precious dogs like Molly.

-Mavour & Bane

Adopted January 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan came into our lives and was our saving grace. My mother and I recently lost our Border Collie Mix Lil Bit of 13 memorable years I was not expecting to adopt another dog as soon as I did. I was given advice from our veterinarian, Dr. Stewart, on adopting another dog when I was ready. His exact words were, “Find a dog you have a connection with and Fuzzy Friends has good animals.” I was on my way to class one evening and stopped at Fuzzy Friends. I went in and looked around and then asked a volunteer, “Do you all have a dog with one eye?” The volunteer replied, “Yes.” The volunteer then took Stevie Ray and me into a visiting room where I felt an instant connection with him. I then proceeded to come back the next day with my mother, so that she could meet Stevie Ray. After talking and visiting, I filled out and turned in my adoption application. On Friday, I received a called from Fuzzy Friends stating my application was approved for the adoption. I picked Stevie Ray up that day before FFR closed. It was a rainy and cold day. While picking up Stevie Ray was when we realized that when our last name was put together with his name it was Stevie Ray Vaughan just like the singer. It was destiny he came into our lives. Stevie Ray Vaughan has been with us now for two extraordinary years. Stevie Ray Vaughan loves shopping, playing with toys, sleeping, riding, and watching Young and the Restless. Some people might say we are crazy but I believe we are blessed. Stevie Ray Vaughan is the King of our castle. I want to thank everyone at FFR for caring for Stevie Ray Vaughan while he was at FFR.

– Wanetta L. Vaughan

Adopted January 2010

Lucy Mae has brought so much joy to our family and we admit we spoil her! She has developed her own personality and time schedules which we find amusing. She is an amazing Great Pyrenees. She now weighs 80 Pounds which our Vet says is a good weight for her. Every night at 9:00 she expects us to come to bed, (she sleeps with us) and then we spend about 20 minutes petting and talking to her. She loves to have you run your fingers between her eyes and she sighs with great content. She is happy in her heart. She enjoys going to the Doggie Spa and always gets a good report on how well she behaves. Charlie and I now have guardianship of our 12 year old Great Granddaughter Megan and Lucy loves to play with her. Megan and Lucy get in my closet and play dress up. Lucy actually likes to have hats put on her, and scarves. Megan and she will play for hours in my closet. Now if they would just put the clothes up when they are through! She is an excellent watch dog and will let us know when someone is coming up the drive and sidewalk way before we hear them coming. Every morning at 10:00 she wants the TV turned on to Turner Classic Movies or HGTV. She seems to be fascinated with these two shows and will watch a while and then will have her morning nap. Many mornings she goes with us when we take Megan to school as she likes to ride in the car. Megan is now playing the flute and when she first started practicing Lucy would leave the room, but now that Megan is playing very well, she likes to lie down on the floor and listen to her play. She is the same way with me when I practice the piano. For some reason Lucy doesn’t like birds and when we are outside she will leap in the air and bark at them.

She is well behaved, loving, and we love her and are so glad that she is a member of our family. If anyone is thinking about adopting a Great Pyrenees we highly recommend them as they are a fantastic dog. We laugh as the vacuum cleaner is never put up as we do have to vacuum the floors everyday as you will have white puffs of hair here and there. Thank you Fuzzy Friends for allowing us to be the parents for Lucy. She fills our hearts with great joy. We hope to have Lucy with us for many more years.

-Cheryl, Charlie and Megan

The little girl I’m holding is Whitney aka Aurora. She was from Esperanza’s litter born last November. She is such a smart little thing who absolutely LOVES fetching her ball and playing with our other dog. She’s a hoot to watch and such a joy to love and she gets and gives lots of that. She learned some really great manners at Fuzzy Friends because she was very respectful of the neighbor dogs when we introduced her to them. She loves loves loves the little people which is why we opted for a puppy in the first place. She’s such a cutie we love very much and I just wanted to give you an update on her. Thank you for what you do for these guys and gals who wouldn’t have a home if it weren’t for your caring and love.

Kathy Reynolds

In the fall of 2000 I accompanied a friend to Fuzzy Friends Rescue. She was looking for a dog for her grandson. That would be the first of many trips I would make there. My friend didn’t find a dog that was right for her but I found Buddy, a fuzzy, grey terrier mix.

After retiring, I volunteered in the office for several months. I saw first hand the dedication and love shown by the employees to each and every animal housed at Fuzzy Friends.

All too often I had to refuse the desperate plea of someone wanting to bring an animal to Fuzzy Friends because there were no empty spaces. Frequently, though, I was lucky enough to be able to witness a cat or dog going home in the arms of its new family.

I have been fortunate enough to experience the pleasure of adoption an additional seven times. It is such a joy to see the transformation of a scared, homeless, little creature into a trusting, happy member of the family. My goal is to one day no longer need facilities such as Fuzzy Friends Rescue; until that day comes, though, I will strongly support it.

Janel Griffey
Waco, TX

The little Pug was found standing in the middle of the street scared and confused. He has been dumped; left to fend for himself along with a little Rat Terrier. A good Samaritan found them and called Fuzzy Friends Rescue to help. Once they arrived, they were given complete medical examinations and their very own names, Chevy and Kia. Chevy, the little Pug had heartworms and was very malnourished. His friend, Kia, the little Rat Terrier was also malnourished, but did not have heartworms. She however, was pregnant and would soon give birth to five healthy little “Pugrats”. They are all now in loving homes. Chevy’s recovery took a little longer since he had to be treated for heartworms and other intestinal parasites. Since his recovery, he has been adopted into a loving home where he is living the life he so richly deserves.

An update from Chevy’s Family:
Chevy (now called Koopa) is doing great. He enjoys a long walk each morning with our human family and our three Bassett Hounds. He has discovered that he really really likes Cheese and Milk Bones (in small quantities) in addition to his regular dry dog food. He is very healthy and is Lovin’ Life!!
The Sadler’s

When Dudley came to Fuzzy Friends, he was afraid and unsure of humans. Someone had poured acid on him and caused a terrible burn on his back. After he was treated and had a lot of TLC from our staff, he made an amazing transformation into a beautiful, loving, trusting pet. He is now in a new home and is being treated like a king.

Update on Dudley:

Thanks for taking such good care of Dudley until we came along to bring him into our family. There was a pet costume contest at the Regent Care Center May 19th and guess who took first place? Dudley of course!!! There were only eight entrants, but that’s a start. You can’t believe the happiness and joy this little guy has brought us. He is kind enough to let us live in his house as long as we live by his rules, and you know what? We wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep up the good work, our thoughts are with you.
Dudley and his new family!!

I am Betsy & Clifton’s niece. I work with Sherry Zanter at National Lloyds. Sherry adopted this sweet poodle named Garrett. He is now “Baxter”. I would say it was Baxter’s lucky day!!! I hear about him every day and I can guarantee he is one lucky dog!! (Except I don’t think anyone has told him he’s a dog…)

Fuzzy Friends holds a special place in our hearts. Our Chi- Weenie and our Yorkie came from FFR and we are blessed to have them. We are dog people, plain and simple. Shelter dogs have a need to be free, they just want to go home. We were happy to be able to have given two out of the millions in the world- a great home. I have worked at FFR for three years on marketing and special events. I am proud to be a part of such a worthwhile organization. Home is where the dog is.

Becki and Whit Shepherd Waco, Texas

Jeff Hunter with his new best friend

We love dogs. We had two Westies, Mattie and Buddy. Buddy succumbed to bladder cancer this past summer and we had to put him down. Fuzzy Friends received a Schnauzer terrier that was 6 months old and we adopted him and he became Mattie’s new friend and our 2nd best friend. A great little dog that couldn’t have been more perfect if we had picked him from a championship kennel. The only thing with a bigger heart are the people who manage Fuzzy Friends, and find homes for so many good dogs, who if not for them, might not make it.

Jeff and Marilyn Hunter
Waco, Texas

Karol Blakey with Dayna and Angel

Dayna and Angel

While visiting Fuzzy Friends one day, Karol met Angel, an 18 month old chocolate tan Dachshund whose owner had passed away, and Dayna, a 2 ½ year old silver dapple Dachshund that was found by a caring couple in Lacy Lakeview and turned into Fuzzy Friends Rescue.

Dayna and Angel were so different but both needed a forever home and to be loved. Karol and her mother had recently lost their beloved pets Sadie and Punkin and were still grieving over the loss. Although not expecting to adopt so soon, Karol spent several hours at Fuzzy Friends one week getting to know the pups, hoping one might fit into their family. After observing each little girl, plus seeing how well they got along, she decided to adopt both. “By the time the week had passed, I loved both of them. I could never have taken one and not the other. They’re best friends now and……they’ve helped us to smile and laugh again.”

Fuzzy Friends was wonderful during this period and so kind and accommodating. We are very grateful to them for being such a professional and caring organization and for all the hard work they do to help animals find their forever homes and have the love, care and respect they deserve.

Karol Blakey
Woodway, Texas

“We have been so impressed with Fuzzy Friends kind and caring employees and the plush, friendly atmosphere in which the animals are cared for. We searched for months for the perfect dog and one afternoon I found two. We have fallen in love with Barney and Sadie and can not imagine life without them.”

Brandi & Rodney

“We had been going to Fuzzy Friends Rescue for many weeks and we had finally picked out a puppy named Jasmine. However, the day we went to go pick her up we saw Dixie. We just fell in love. She was just what we had been looking for. She was so gentle with the kids. Now that we have her at home they play with her at home all the time. We are so happy that we found her.”

“Dude” Duderonomy was adopted 11-29-02 as a companion pet. The adoption process was EASY. The staff was very helpful with me. They allowed me lots of time to look around for a cat. Once I chose Lawrence, AKA Dude, I went to the viewing to play and interact with him. They let me sleep on my decision overnight and the next day he was adopted. Dude is very playful and loving. He approaches all the house guests and loves all the attention.

“I have always loved animals. Most of my pets have been adopted or rescued. In fact, over two years ago, my first Pygmy goat was found in the middle of a field in the Woodlands near Houston. Since he had a scar on his side, he was most likely dropped by a hawk! Because of that first goat, my “herd” has grown to 9 goats! It was because of my goats that I wanted some Great Pyrenees dogs.

Fuzzy Friends had 6 of these puppies left at their door on a cold January morning. As soon as I heard about them, I knew they would be the dogs for me. I went with the intention of getting one female, but ended up with Madeleine and her brother Pierre. These dogs have been a wonderful addition to our family. They are gentle, loyal, and great watchdogs. My husband has never really been a “dog person”, but Madeleine and Pierre have won his heart! We absolutely adore them! I’m even taking Pierre to dog training school at Petsmart (then I come home and teach Madeleine).

Fuzzy Friends is a wonderful and fun place for dogs and cats. It is obvious that every person there truly cares about each and every animal. “Paws up” to Fuzzy Friends!“

Jessica Butcher with Cassy
It was true love at first sight

“Fuzzy Friends Rescue is a great place to find the dog or cat of your dreams. I had been looking for a long time. Thank you Fuzzy Friends.”

Patrick Reeder and pals

Willy and Hennessey

We are more than happy to share what a wonderful experience adopting from Fuzzy Friends was for us. Our “Fuzzy Friend” Willy the Kitten has been an absolutely delightful addition to our household. We originally decided to get a cat as a companion to our 3-yr old Miniature Pinscher, Hennessey. I was worried about getting a kitten, because I didn’t want the cat to feel threatened by our often hyperactive dog. I can’t say enough about the helpfulness of the Fuzzy Friend’s staff in making our decision. They let me bring Henessey in to meet several cats, made great suggestions about cat-proofing our house, and even gave me information on declawing.

When we adopted Willy, we had no doubts or worries. Since bringing Willy home, he has become much more than just a companion. He now rules our small household with a mischievous meow and a wiggle of his little bobtail. I manage an apartment complex and he is just so personable, I can’t resist taking him to work with me. He sits by the door and steals hearts as my residents come in to visit. I point them all to Fuzzy Friends to get their own special friends!

Thank You so Much- Jennifer Dundee and Patrick Reeder

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