2020 Vision

2020 Vision for Fuzzy Friends Rescue

A righteous man regards the life of his animals.
(Proverbs 12:10)

2020 Vision carries a twofold meaning, which reflects the core convictions of our commitment to rescued animals, which are integrity, trust, loyalty, care and compassion for rescued animals that are housed at our facility until they are adopted. Drawing from the vision, our desire is for the public to see a clear, focused and visible view of the commitment and plans for Fuzzy Friends Rescue and to advance and expand it’s current facility established in 1999 to meet the needs through the year 2020.

The vision is to be accomplished in the following plan:

I. Establish an environment where healing and restoration can occur for our rescued population.

II. Enhance the physical environment to create an aesthetically pleasing domicile for the animals, our staff and those volunteers who are dedicated to work there.

III. Develop the current eight and a half acreage sanctuary and to expanded the level of space of the current facility in order to accommodate the future increase in pet population.

IV. Establish, a pet cemetery, and hold basic obedience training classes.

V. Create a physical facility and sanctuary built with integrity, reliability and trust, which will provide special care and treatment needed for rescued pets that will become recognized as an asset and model for our local Waco community, Central Texas Region, state and eventually nationwide.

VI. Create a public awareness that will increase the network and number of investors and volunteer workers to care now and for the future increased rescued pet population.

VII. Develop special in-home meetings in the Waco community and Central Texas to present in a relaxed home atmosphere the Mission and 2020 Vision of Fuzzy Friends Rescue.

VIII. Establish a Fuzzy Friends Rescue Alumni Club, annual concentrated fund drive, enhance and increase the current annual Barkin’ Ball, Pet Style Show, Angel Heart Fund, Barking Basement Resale Store, Animal SMILES Pet Therapy Program and Humane Education.


IX. Research, develop and provide an opportunity to those who want to invest their financial resources for and put in operation by June 1,2003 a new and updated computer hardware and software system. This system would be able to provide necessary information now and as Fuzzy Friends Rescue grows in the future.

X. Construct “The Grace and Abby Bark Park” that will contain the “Pet Pathway”. The “Pet Pathway” will intertwine among the beautiful old oak trees and bluebonnets when in season. Picnic tables will be strategically placed along “Pet Pathway” to provide a warm family atmosphere. This pathway will serve as an exercise path for the animals and visitors. It will be composed of bricks that may be purchased by individuals to honor or memorialize their special pet by engraving their names in the bricks.

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