rachel haferkampFuzzy Friends,
Here are some pictures of Shelby and Harley. Since these were taken, Shelby has grown quite a bit! She is almost as long as Harley, but still pretty short. The first day Harley did not want anything to do with Shelby. Now, they LOVE each other! He can’t even go outside without turning around to make sure Shelby is following right behind him. Harley and Shelby spend most of their time sleeping and wrestling. Harley still has a hard time sharing with Shelby. But we keep telling him to watch out because one day Shelby is going to be bigger than him! Harley seems to be feeling more confident when we have to leave the house, he no longer trembles but he still hides every now and then. And Shelby is pretty independent and is our little troublemaker. The two are doing great! Thanks for everything Fuzzy Friends. We’ll be sending more pictures soon.
~ Rachel H.

Paige LollarHi, This is Paige Lollar, and I adopted Bonnie from you a couple of weeks ago. She has truly been a blessing to our family. She has the best energy and love to share that I’ve ever seen in a dog. Thank you so much for allowing me to have her.

God Bless,
Paige L.

Rick CatheyJust wanted to let ya’ll know that Scooter is doing very well. I think he came to his new home on October 12th. I have a Dachshund (Bub) and those two are the best of buddies. Scooter took about two minutes to get acclimated to his new home and he fits right in (as you can see in the pictures).

He’s probably put on about two pounds in the past couple of months. He eats well, has snacks, gets his daily walk, and plays all day with Bub. The neighborhood kids sometime take the boys “skating.” I have friends and family with dogs that visit and he gets along great with everybody! He is such a wonderful little guy and now he’s got a home for life.

Thanks so much for taking care of Scooter until he found his way home!

Rick C.

Jennifer LillardHi guys, just wanted to let you know how Chloe (Puddin) is doing. She is so precious! She has the sweetest disposition and temperament. The perfect dog. Her and my other dog, Joli, have become good friends. Joli wants to play with her all of the time and she plays back as well when she wants to. Everyone in my family absolutely adores her; she was the perfect addition to the family!!

Thank you all for taking such great care of the animals there and making it possible for people to adopt and enjoy pets like Chloe.

Jennifer L.

RodriguezI would like to thank you all so much for the warm, fuzzy, loving babies we got from you. It has been over a year and they are even better. It was the best thing for us. Thank You!

-Cecilia R.




Karen & Joel FreemanHey Fuzzy Friends! Just wanted to say thanks for taking such good care of Hans until we adopted him. He is so perfect for us and we love him so much already!

He is learning to go in his crate – after much anxiety, he’s getting used to it, and doesn’t seem to mind being in there at all. He and our older dog get along well – and Hans loves playing outside in the leaves. And believe it or not – I took him for a short walk yesterday on his leash. I had let him run around the house and a little in the back yard with the leash on to let him get used to it. So yesterday, I held the leash up and told him to “come here” – which he did. I proceeded to put the leash on him, and after some encouragement, we went for a walk!

He has adjusted a lot quicker than anticipated and he loves being spoiled! So thanks to you for letting us adopt him. I have attached some pictures for you to enjoy.

Thanks again!

Karen and Joel F.

Dixcey Dunn
It was 13 years ago that Fuzzy Friends Rescue came and saved my life. I was set to be euthanized in a matter of hours. Only a short few hours after I arrived at Fuzzy Friends Rescue, I was adopted by Tim and Dixcey Dunn. I now celebrate my 14th birthday with my Pet Parents and family whom all love me so much. My family has been saddened that I was just diagnosed with liver cancer a short few weeks ago; I’m currently on treatment and responding extremely well and pretty much back to my old self. I know that I am now on borrowed time, but the point in all of this is that because of Fuzzy Friends Rescue, I got to “LIVE!” a full and happy life. Thank you for all that Fuzzy Friends Rescue does for all the animals that are so lucky to enter their adoption program.
– Dixcey D.

Jake LyonI adopted Paddington from Fuzzy Friends, and he is a delight and has brightened every one’s life he comes in contact with.
-Jake L.





Tracy TeaffWhen my grandmother’s dog passed away some years ago, Fuzzy Friends found the perfect companion. Sweetie Sugar was with her, even in her last moments at home last week. Sweetie has now come to live with me and is a precious addition to my other “rescue”, who I found at the very gravesite where my grandfather is buried.
-Tracy T.




Kayle BenteWe rescued this sweet baby from Fuzzy Friends at the beginning of March, and since then she has made our home better. She is the most loving and caring dog I have ever owned. She is a joy to be around, and our hearts of full of love for her! Thank you Fuzzy Friends for taking such good care of this amazing pup! We are so grateful to have her in our little family. **and if you can’t tell by the picture, our other dog ‘Rilee’ can’t go a minute without being next to her. She cuddles with her constantly! (Rilee’s coat is black, so you can hardly see her in the picture!) And as you can see from the picture, she is a huge cuddle baby! Thank you again Fuzzy Friends, you guys do amazing things!!!

-Kayle B.



Dunette BrownI wanted to update Fuzzy Friends on Gabby’s adoption. She’s doing great and fitting in well with us. My son just loves her and they are very good buddies. She doesn’t mind him crawling all over her or having to share her dog bed. She’s up to date on her heartworm and flea/tick prevention. We are currently working on getting her to gain a bit more weight and with my son always sharing his snacks, I’m sure she will be there in no time!
-Dunnette B.




Yolanda MeadorThis is Shellie we got from Fuzzy Friends! She is grown up now! She has been the perfect loving cat! She is playful and loves tearing up tissue! Lol!! She was the best Christmas gift for us! Thanks!!
-Yolanda M.






Mountain Park RanchHi – I’m George!
I was with Fuzzy Friends Rescue for almost 2 years!! No one saw my personality and big heart just because I did not waggle my tail or jump up and down to make someone take me home. But finally I found a home on a horse ranch, and my new blonde friend Murfi has helped me a bunch to understand all the commands and rules on this place, and now I obey really well. I think my family loves me and I love them back – we are a great pack – and we all are so thankful that Fuzzy Friends kept me safe long enough to find my for always home!
-Mountain Park Ranch

Heather FergusonJust wanted to give an update on my newly adopted Sahara and let everyone know that she is living the high spoiled life. She loves her new bed, even though she doesn’t quite fit. (: She even has her own scratching board, cat tree, and more toys than she knows what to do with. You guys were so great helping me get this sweetie and I love her to bits already!

Thank You
From Sahara and Heather F.

Jackie RosePrince Poodle, (AKA “Brando”) Fuzzy Friends alumn! Thank you for rescuing our little man.
-Jackie R.






Alice RobbinsHi, Fuzzy Friends Rescue! Say hello to Jack! My daughter, Alycn Jones, adopted Jack on August 15, 2013…Jack is doing very well with Alycn, and she enjoys him very much. Thank you guys so much for caring for Jack until Alycn could find him and bring him to his new forever home. Your facility is a blessing to the animals you rescue and care for, and to the people/families that are lucky enough to find their companions with you. We thank you for what you do, and Jack thanks you too!!!
-Alice R.




Tiffany AllenI got Viola last Fall from you guys, and she is the most amazing dog I could ever ask for. She is so good with my 15 month old pulling her tail, trying to ride her, and she loves going on trail rides with the horses. I can’t thank y’all enough for her.
-Tiffany A.





Nicole JordanI adopted my dog a month and a half ago from Fuzzy Friends. Jefe (previously known as Miller) is doing so great! He has been perfectly healthy and has just been the most perfect dog! He is always so happy and loves to play at the dog park or cuddle. Thought I’d post a picture to show how he’s been doing and thank Fuzzy Friends for everything they do!
-Nicole J.


Jennifer HaleHello to the Fuzzy Friends Team! My name is Jennifer, and I was writing to update you all on a puppy I adopted from Fuzzy Friends last year. “Bunny” now known as “Penny” has been doing very well. While Penny was very shy when we first brought her home, she has really come out of her shell! She completed beginner’s obedience classes with flying colors and even overcame her fear of car rides. She has many friends at doggy daycare. When she is not burying bones in the backyard, she enjoys play dates with her best friend/boyfriend in the neighborhood “Owie.” Penny has been a complete joy in our home! Thank you so much for all of the rescue work you do.
Sincerely Jennifer H.

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