“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”
—Josh Billings

There’s a reason dogs are called man’s best friend. Fiercely loyal and forever loving, a dog is always happy to see you. Scroll through our list of adoptable pups to find your perfect pet.

Meet Honu

All about Honu

Honu is a 6 months old male Shepherd who weighs 33 pounds.

Introducing Honu, the delightful 4-month-old Husky/Shepherd mix! With his playful demeanor, curious nature, and irresistible charm, Honu is a joyous puppy who adores both people and dogs. Whether he's chasing toys, exploring new sights, or cuddling up, Honu's boundless energy and adorable antics will brighten your day. If you're seeking a lovable companion, Honu is the perfect addition to your family!

Note that many dogs do not reach full size until they are about a year and a half old. The weight listed here is the dog's current weight.

Photos (click for full-size)
Honu 1
Honu 2
Additional Information

ID number: 54668556

Housetrained: Unknown or unspecified

Price: $0.00

Site: Fuzzy Friends Rescue

Location: Foster Care / Foster Care

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