What To Do:

Despite pet owners’ best efforts, we know that pets can sometimes find ways to escape the yard or pull free from their leash. You just took your dog’s collar off to bathe him, and someone left the fence gate open. You don’t notice until it is too late and Fido has run out of the yard without any identification. Maybe you have a cat that you like to let out. Did you know cats can roam for over a mile? A lot can happen in a mile.

The first line of defense of getting your pet back home safely is an identification tag that provides at least a phone number for the person who finds your pet to be able to contact you. Current tags are great for getting a pet returned safely. They can be seen by anyone, and they make people aware that your pet has a family waiting for them at home. These tags can come in all shapes, sizes and colors. You can get them one that matches their collar or their personality. For those who prefer more variety, you could even get an I.D. tag for every day of the week! You can buy I.D. tags here at Fuzzy Friends Rescue for around $8.00. It is fast and easy. It takes only a few minutes and the tag can be engraved while you look around our facility.

The more reliable, undeniable type of identification is the microchip. Microchipping is an easy process. It is no more painful that getting a vaccine. The microchip itself is the size of a grain of rice and is injected under the skin between the shoulder blades. This is not a GPS or tracking device. When a lost pet is brought to an animal shelter or vet office they can be scanned with a wand to search for this chip. A series of letters, numbers or both will pop up and alert the person that the animal is chipped. The vet or shelter can then call the microchip company and retrieve the owners contact information. Once the chip is inserted underneath the skin, it cannot be removed. Microchips can prove ownership and help a pet find its way home. Many animals have been returned home safely and avoided spending time in doggie or kitty jail thanks to a microchip. Microchipping can be done here at Fuzzy Friends for $30.

If you have any questions about pet identification please contact Fuzzy Friends Rescue at (254)754-9444 or email us at