Fuzzy Friends scans all animals who are brought to us for microchips and checks them against information posted in the CenTexLostPets online database.

If you have lost or found a pet, please enter the information on, so we may have access to it. If a found pet is brought to us with any form of identification, or if it is a match to an animal posted on CenTexLostPets, we will immediately contact the listed owner.

If you have found a pet, Fuzzy Friends Rescue is happy to provide a microchip scan free of charge when you bring the animal to our facility during normal business hours.

We encourage everyone with a lost or found pet to print up flyers to post in the area where the pet was lost or found, and to check the City of Waco Animal Shelter, located at 6321 Circle Road, at least every other day for pets lost in McLennan County.

Click here for a template for a lost or found pet flyer to complete online.